July 22, 2007

Another blogging influence

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“Blog father” is a term applied to several well-known bloggers (Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, Jerome Armstrong) who have influenced many others to start blogging. Along w/ these boggers from this post, The Unknown Professor was someone who often talked about ways that blogging and other new technology could shape more-better disciples.


July 21, 2007

Why I stopped blogging for a week

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I didn’t blog this week because of “church camp” – I was teaching in the AMs @ Indian Lake Christian Service Camp (using out of print curriculum from this line). The rest of the workday, I was trying to switch gears into the administrative aspect of vocational ministry. Which left not much mental energy for blogging.

Speaking of church camp (like my home camp, which strongly influenced my decision for vocational ministry) – I chatted w/ a fellow pastor and church camping alumnus about the viability of Christian-based youth camping. Among the interesting places our discussion went:

  • church camps, like smaller congregations caught in the spiral of increasing costs (liability insurance, govt regulation, food, real estate values, etc.) that threatens their viability
  • if-when the megachurch recedes, church camping will return (and church camps’ influence remains stronger where there are not megachurches, thus smaller congregations continue to pool their resources)
  • for younger age (pre-midschool) church camp probably the more appropriate scale (more intimate connections, less expensive, etc.) than larger venues (large youth conferences like CIY)

July 13, 2007

Why I’ve finally started blogging

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Family (Patrick Gerber) and friends (Pat Rock) have been blogging for a while, and co-worker Ethan Magness started a somewhat-MCC-work-related blog recently, but my “tipping point” was Arron Chambers workshop Blogging, Enewsletters, and Podcasting @ the 07 NACC. I wanted to offer a blog as a follow-up to my workshop on Databases and Websites, and chatting w/ Arron before & after his workshop, I role-model “taking the leap” in a tech area in which I had been interested but not active.

July 12, 2007

Personal favorite from NACC

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I had posted which NACC presentation best applied to my ministry (in the task / team sense), but the one that sticks w/ me was Alan Ahlgrim’s “It’s Time to Listen Up!”

He boldly talked about hearing God’s voice – not merely in the not-simply-through-reading-the-Bible-or-counsel-from-Christians way, but specific prompting to act. My personality and background makes me inherently skeptical, but his message was a challenging though-provoker.

July 11, 2007

Technology the double-edged sword “Handle With Care!”

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I just led a tech-related workshop @ the NACC, partly because I’ve long been interested in how to use tech to make better-more disciples. Two articles, not in contradiction, but different perspectives: Is Video Technology in Church Manipulative? and How iPods Are Changing Church.

July 10, 2007

servant-leadership function & character

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I’m thinking about how the Bible approaches servant leadership. Does it spend more time talking about character (qualities of the person) or function (tasks to perform)? As a manager, the easier one for me to outline / measure / train is task, but my guess is the Bible talks more about character (which admittedly is displayed through actions). For example 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1

July 8, 2007

Back home

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NACC 07 was a challenging blessing, but I’m glad to be home. Favorite moment was learning new worship song based on old hymn “Come Thou Fount.” Great session speakers (audio from Christian Audio Tapes), w/ Jim Putman‘s on Wed PM having the most direct application to MCC’s Better Disciples Team / Adult Small Groups.

July 5, 2007

Links for NACC 2007 workshop

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Using Databases and Websites to Enhance Your Ministry NACC 2007 Kansas City – “It’s Time”

some church databases

NACC exhibitor People Driven Software PDS (used by MCC)

Others: Nspire (formerly used by MCC)

ACS (used by ENCC)


fellowshiptech (web-based)

CCB (web-based)

some church website designers

NACC exhibitors: faithhighway churchwebworks

Others: Forministry (free from American Bible Society)

churchsitecreator (formerly used by MCC, subsidiary of Christianity Today)

1and1 (used by MCC)

Internet Evangelism Day has many resources and suggestions for church websites