July 5, 2007

Links for NACC 2007 workshop

Posted in NACC at 6:55 PM by alexlozada

Using Databases and Websites to Enhance Your Ministry NACC 2007 Kansas City – “It’s Time”

some church databases

NACC exhibitor People Driven Software PDS (used by MCC)

Others: Nspire (formerly used by MCC)

ACS (used by ENCC)


fellowshiptech (web-based)

CCB (web-based)

some church website designers

NACC exhibitors: faithhighway churchwebworks

Others: Forministry (free from American Bible Society)

churchsitecreator (formerly used by MCC, subsidiary of Christianity Today)

1and1 (used by MCC)

Internet Evangelism Day has many resources and suggestions for church websites


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  1. Gweno said,

    Dear friend

    You kindly linked to an Internet Evangelism Day page on your site, at

    Internet Evangelism Day pages are no longer at http://ied.gospelcom.net and have moved to http://www.internetevangelismday.com

    Please could you change your links so that they still work. Any inner site link which was previously
    http://ied.gospelcom.net/somepage.php can be changed to

    Grateful thanks.



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