July 13, 2007

Why I’ve finally started blogging

Posted in NACC, tech at 3:06 PM by alexlozada

Family (Patrick Gerber) and friends (Pat Rock) have been blogging for a while, and co-worker Ethan Magness started a somewhat-MCC-work-related blog recently, but my “tipping point” was Arron Chambers workshop Blogging, Enewsletters, and Podcasting @ the 07 NACC. I wanted to offer a blog as a follow-up to my workshop on Databases and Websites, and chatting w/ Arron before & after his workshop, I role-model “taking the leap” in a tech area in which I had been interested but not active.



  1. Ethan Magness said,

    Well it certianly is about time.

    Although I was expecting your blog title to be Mo’Better Blues (Do you know that song.)


  2. alexlozada said,

    Nope don’t know the song, though I’ve heard the phrase Mo’Better Blues as a pop culture reference.

  3. Pat Rock said,

    Well it’s about time is all I can say.

    But seriously, you should announce this stuff! Send out an email, it was only sheer luck that I saw this today through a technorati search about my own website.

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