July 21, 2007

Why I stopped blogging for a week

Posted in better disciples at 12:47 PM by alexlozada

I didn’t blog this week because of “church camp” – I was teaching in the AMs @ Indian Lake Christian Service Camp (using out of print curriculum from this line). The rest of the workday, I was trying to switch gears into the administrative aspect of vocational ministry. Which left not much mental energy for blogging.

Speaking of church camp (like my home camp, which strongly influenced my decision for vocational ministry) – I chatted w/ a fellow pastor and church camping alumnus about the viability of Christian-based youth camping. Among the interesting places our discussion went:

  • church camps, like smaller congregations caught in the spiral of increasing costs (liability insurance, govt regulation, food, real estate values, etc.) that threatens their viability
  • if-when the megachurch recedes, church camping will return (and church camps’ influence remains stronger where there are not megachurches, thus smaller congregations continue to pool their resources)
  • for younger age (pre-midschool) church camp probably the more appropriate scale (more intimate connections, less expensive, etc.) than larger venues (large youth conferences like CIY)

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