August 30, 2007

Evangelical Outpost on truth speaking and reaching

Posted in more disciples at 1:47 PM by alexlozada

Another blogging influence because of his challenging, graciously confrontational and well-researched writing is Joe Carter. This quote captures some of the balancing of truth-speaking-call-to-change-way-we-live AND love for the people Jesus loved.

“Our hearts should break for those who are caught up in such a dehumanizing and degrading conduct. If we want to show love for our neighbors–including Sen. Craig–then we must not only refuse to condone homosexual behavior but show them the path that leads away from sin and death. We need to show them that the love and fulfillment they are searching for can only be found in Christ—not in stalls of a toilet.”

Am I showing the people around me the love and fulfillment of Christ = “reaching”?


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