September 2, 2007

Love NYC Day – Sept 15

Posted in NYC at 10:05 PM by alexlozada

I’m a New Yorker at heart, and even w/ an insane schedule this fall, when my teammate Tom Moen (Mountain Christian’s pastor for GLocal outreach) passed along an invite to participate in Love NYC Day led by Forefront Church, I said “I’m going!”

It means leaving up early on a Saturday AM (aprx 7a if you’re coming w/ me), driving the NJ Turnpike (argh), getting home tired & late @ PM before a busy Sunday. It means giving $50 to Forefront Church to cover the cost of giving away servant evangelism materials (so suspicious NY-ers are disarmed by receiving something for free). It means finding somebody to watch my two younger daughter, because the day is demandingly long (comfy footwear!) and designed for high school and adults.

It also means being in my favorite city where millions of people that Jesus loves don’t know that He loves them. At the end of the day, my hope is that there might be just a few (potential) “more disciples” AND that I (and whoever from Mountain Christian comes along for the wild ride) might be just a little bit of a “better disciple.”

Download the (PDF) Love NYC Day flyer for more details. And email me if you’d like to come alex (at)



  1. Sounds cool. Can we promote this to others and are you leading a group?

  2. alexlozada said,

    Yes, I’m leading a group – and I’m editing the post to add more more details

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