September 3, 2007

Mother Teresa and Future Leader Development in Large Churches

Posted in servant-leader at 3:28 PM by alexlozada

Mountain Christian’s senior pastor Ben Cachiaras’ e-note on Mother Teresa reminded me again of the contrast between Western pop culture’s treatment of her passing w/ that of Diana, Princess of Wales – they died w/in a week of each other in 1997.

A recent thread on this blog brought up the question of identifying and training students (or adults) as leaders in larger churches. If leader development opportunities are defined as “opportunities from the main stage (Sunday AM service)” then yes – that is a narrow pipeline for leadership development (like there is only one Crown Princess at a time). But if identifying and training leaders is more than “the main stage”, then current leaders can create many opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

Most importantly, true Christian leader development is mostly unrelated to public speaking / music performance. In some ways, small group leaders and serving team leaders and short term mission trip leaders and student ministries leaders are following in the Mother Teresa model of servant-leadership outside the spotlight.

Large churches also have ways to multiply limelight-in-front-of-large-group speaking & music opportunities, because they have the resources to create non-Sunday-whole-adult-congregation events, such as life-stage-specific worship events (youth, college, children, senior adults, singles, etc.) . Some large churches have “believers’ services.” Mountain Christian is in the process of starting leader-feeding spiritual formation events with the purpose of filling our adult small group leaders so the Spirit can overflow from them into their group members.

“Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing. ” – Mother Teresa attributed via EWTN


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