September 6, 2007

Suffering is not Simple

Posted in servant-leader at 3:59 PM by alexlozada

I read Walter Kaiser’s article in the same week that I heard about a horrendous crime committed against the family member of a Christian friend.  Any of us trying to share the Spirit’s comfort as disciple-makers, pastors, small group leader, or friends must be careful to not oversimplify: “God is punishing ___”; “Satan is trying to stop ___”; etc.  The article lists types of suffering mentioned in the Bible. Don’t use the list to pigeon-hole a person’s pain as type ___ – instead let it remind you that the Bible speaks honestly about all of life, including suffering.


  1. ELM said,

    I appreciate your reminder not to pigeonhole. My only frustration with the article is the taxonomy of suffering which gives the (perhaps unintended) impression that he has suffering figured out. I want the category labeled, “hey it’s a fallen world, stuff happens.” I also wanted the category: “What did you think would happen, stupid.”

    When Jesus is questioned about the death of the Galileans in the temple, he makes absolutely no attempt to explain their particular death. He reminds us that outside of the kingdom (marked by repentance) everybody dies. In light of that does it really matter how. So any death and all suffering should remind me that this world is fragile and broken I want to align myself with Christ so that I can be a part of the next world that isn’t.

    More importantly I find myself drawn to remember that God is not distant from this suffering. God is in it. I weep over brokenness and pain although I have never known any different. God who knows what could have been and what yet might be weeps all the more and suffers all the more, and in particular has suffered on the cross so that the suffering on earth might end.

  2. ELM said,

    Ps. You can take blogging through Luke of your blogroll.

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