October 2, 2007

So Many Infant Christians

Posted in servant-leader at 2:05 PM by alexlozada

I confess I have a hard time separating the article from the writer, or the message from the speaker.  I remember reading Gordon MacDonald’s Ordering Your Private World, and then hearing of his fall and restoration, and subsequent writing and leadership.  His Christianity Today article offers a lengthier version of the pithy critique “a mild wide and an inch deep,” but the hopeful nugget is “mature Christians do not grow through programs or through the mesmerizing delivery of a talented speaker (woe is me) or worship band. Would-be saints are mentored: one-on-one or, better yet, one-on-small group (three to twelve was Jesus’ best guess). The mentoring takes place in the streets and living-places of life, not church classrooms or food courts. And it’s not necessarily done in Bible studies or the like. Mature Christians are made one by one through the influence of other Christians already mature.”

Sounds like making-better-disciples-through-relationships groups and leader-coaching to me 🙂


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  1. ELM said,

    That is what it sounds like.

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