November 22, 2007

Thanking and shopping and serving

Posted in more disciples at 10:03 PM by alexlozada

Though my family jokes that Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president because we share initials – it goes deeper than that 🙂 Though relatively minor among his accomplishments, he (along w/ his Secretary of State William Seward at the prompting of editor Sarah Joseph Hale) set the precedent for America’s national Thanksgiving Day.

Along w/ overeating one of my favorite meals of the year, and watching the Macy’s parade (on TV, not yet in person) I admit I’ve participated in that other Thanksgiving season tradition: the shopping craze known as Black Friday – waking early for good deals on hot items.

When I was living in Cincinnati, driving home for Thanksgiving included taking my mom shopping in NJ (lower taxes) on the day after Thanksgiving. The occasion was as much about spending time w/ her & my sisters – (dad wisely stayed home) as it was about shopping (ugh NJ mall parking). Some day I may blog about some of those mother-son Hallmark-moment-type conversations.

The last few years there have been specialty items that made it “worth the trip” but some of it was simply the challenge of the quest. Thinking about people I know who work retail and the hardships for them in scrambling their holiday schedule sobers my shopping excitement. And MCC’s recent message series on generosity has also made me reconsider my spending.

Maybe this explains why I’m so excited about MCC’s giving-reaching-serving opportunities this season, especially partnering with the Salvation Army to provide bell-ringers at the Abingdon Wal-Mart. For an hour (or more) this season, folks at MCC will focus less on what we’ll shop-spend and more how we can serve-give.


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