February 18, 2008


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MCC’s missionary Somchai Panya to Burmese living in the Mae Sot region (especially the Karen people group) knew Mahn Sha.  He had attended his wife’s funeral and spoken w/ him several times.  Tom & I expressed our condolences to Somchai, who was visibly affected when I told him the news about Mahn Sha’s murder – I apologized to Somchai because when I brought up the news @ our dinner last Fri, I didn’t realize he had not yet heard.

I changed the text I had planned to use for my talk @ the Karen people group refugee camp in Mae La. Instead of talking about Jesus the Good Herdsman (John 10) and giver of living water (John 4 – currently dry season in Thailand), I spoke from Luke 9:51-62 about Jesus – the one who had no place to lay his head; and Jesus who set his face to Jerusalem knowing he was facing death along the journey but the distant end for him was heaven; and Jesus who forgave even those who hated him.

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  1. Rob said,

    Among so many other things, this situation and your thoughtful words for Somchai and for the Karen people group during this difficult time may very well be the purpose of this trip – “for such a time as this.”

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