February 21, 2008

limited technology, unlimited love

Posted in cross cultural mission, servant-leader, tech at 11:30 PM by alexlozada

This recent trip was prep for longer, larger-team trip in Nov 08.  I made several mistakes this time around that I hope I will try to avoid in the future: forgetting to pack important items, not exchanging currency ASAP upon arrival @ the airport, etc.

I also re-learned the limited nature of technology (mobile phone battery died upon arriving @ Bangkok northern bus station 4:45a Mon after overnight bus ride from Mae Sot) brought on by human error (I took many videos & pics on the camera phone, didn’t charge it @ Somchai’s before leaving Mae Sot because I didn’t want it to incompletely charge) and unforeseen circumstances (someone called while I was on the bus and the call / message alert repeat settings drained the little charge remaning).

And I re-learned unlimited nature of love from my Uncle Jimmy who came to the Bangkok northern bus station very early in the morning – just a few days after picking us up from the airport very late @ night and just two days before taking us to the airport very early in the morning.  Tom joked that he would be glad to see me go because of all the inconveniences I caused him (and Aunt Naty and my cousin Patrick), but he said “Not a problem, because he is family.” Then as he said good-bye to Tom, uncle told him he would always be welcome because “Now YOU have friends and family in Bangkok!”

This reminds me that part of the reason Mountain sends our folks on short term mission trips is the koinonia “deep fellowship” they make with their hosts – “their companions in spreading the truth” 3 John 1:5-8.


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