April 1, 2008

Growing U – Church History books

Posted in Growing U, history at 9:36 AM by alexlozada

My teammate Ethan Magness loaned me 2 good books that I’m using as prep for MCC’s Making More & Better Disciples in the Church History.

Church History: an Essential Guide by Justo L Gonzalez

Church History in Plain Language by  Bruce Shelley

MCC member (and former president of Lincoln Chr College – East Coast, and church history scholar) Dr Robin Underhill recommended Turning Points: Decisive Moments in Church History by Mark Noll

I confess the one I’m using the most is by my church history professor from Cincinnati Chr University, Dr James North A History of the Church from Pentecost to Present.  While part of my reliance is probably sentimental, Dr North’s writing is accessible to everyday Christians, and he includes thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter.


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  1. J.D. said,

    Hey Alex,
    I noticed you have recommended Dr. North’s A History of the Church from Pentecost to Present. Did you know that Logos Bible Software has made this resource available in the College Press Church History Collection (2 Vols.). The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ by Gary Habermas is also included in this collection.
    Thanks for the list!

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