April 2, 2008

The Centrality of Resurrection

Posted in better disciples, history at 2:44 PM by alexlozada

Thought-stimulating post from Donald Sensing (I read his old blog One Hand Clapping) in which he cites, among others, N.T. (Tom) Wright. My teammate Ethan Magness often recommends Wright’s commentaries to MCC’s small group leaders. I think Sensing is writing that while some are denying the importance of bodily resurrection in favor of a watered down concept of the “survival of an individual’s soul in the hereafter,” noteworthy scholars like Wright are reminding us that the early Christians (and many of their Jewish contemporaries) believed in the resurrection of “the whole person — body and soul.”


  1. Pat Rock said,

    Crossan in “In Search of Paul” when discussing 1 Cor. 15 on this very topic has this interesing passage/meditation on the physical resurrection:

    “Paul’s answer holds alike to continuity and discontinuity. Continuity because “what you sow does not come to life unless it dies” (15:36), so that the buried body is to the resurrected body as planted seed to grown grain. Discontinuity because “it is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual body” (15:44). That is probably a bad translation; better this: “It is sown a soul-body, it is raised a Spirit-body.” For Paul, a “spiritual body” is not just a square circle, but the normal human body transformed by the Spirit of God. Read it, in other words, as a “Spiritual Body”, a body transfigured by divine empowerment. Recall, Paul might have said, all those ancient romises of an eschatologically transformed world here below upon this earth. What other than transformed Spirit-bodies could exist in Such a world?”
    ————-End Quote——–

    So, it’s important to remember that while, for Paul, it is a physical resurrection that the body that is resurrected will necessarily be a transformed body.

    What I really like though is the part in 15:21-26 where Paul tells us that along with all of this resurrection of perfected bodies into a perfected world comes the destruction of “every ruler, every authority, every power.”

    John Howard Yoder, and me, think that those rulers/powers/authorities are not spiritual powers but human instituitions (even the necessary ones) that oppress the human spirit. Governments, economies, laws, hierarchies, etc…

    I like that Jesus will destroy them. Burn World Governments Burn (to paraphrase Chuck D.)

    But yeah, to paraphrase those stupid bumper stickers, No Jesus resurrection, no general resurrection. No general resurrection, no Jesus resurrection.


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