April 6, 2008

Wreck the Roof

Posted in more disciples at 6:44 PM by alexlozada

As a part of the Grace Anatomy message series, MCC’s senior pastor Ben Cachiaras spoke from Luke 5:17-26 on Jesus’ miraculous healing of the paralyzed man lowered through a hole in the roof by his friends. Ben used the phrase “a friend is someone who will wreck the roof” [to get you to Jesus].

Leadership Journal has challenging article titled “Wreck the Roof” which probes our willingness to change from being a “barricade of backs” (the crowd who eagerly listened to Jesus but didn’t step aside to allow the paralytic to be healed) to “roof tile breakers.”

Sometimes small group programs or small groups themselves can become “we’ve always done it this way” regarding the kind of study they use (only DVD based curriculum OR only verse by verse study), meeting place, group size, day/time they meet, etc. If you notice me turning my back instead of breaking some tiles – remind me to wreck a roof…


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  1. […] eyes. With Luke 5, just in the time I’ve been @ MCC, I’ve heard Ben Cachiaras preach on “Wreck the Roof”, former teammate Kristal Dove promote Matthew (a/k/a Levi) parties, and I’ve written about […]

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