April 12, 2008

Creation care and community reaching

Posted in better disciples, more disciples at 4:15 PM by alexlozada

Though my muscles ache a little from bending over to pick up dozens of cigarette butts, styrofoam containers, plastic bottles, and I needed to check for ticks from thrashing through the underbrush – I’m glad I participated in my local elementary school’s Adopt-A-Road clean-up day.  I have to make an intentional effort to reach outside my circle of Mountain relationships so I need events like this.  I re-connected w/ the leader from last year’s clean-up, and I paired w/ someone who is the parent of a classmate of Abby and a former MCC attender.

Trash clean-up is also a small but concrete way to practice “creation care.”   Rusty Pritchard makes a thought-and-action-provoking challenge (link to summary, article is PDF) about conscientious rather than fear-mongering engagement on the responsibility of disciples to be better stewards of the Creator’s creation.

Some of Mountain’s ServeFest activities and Edgewood initiatives provide small groups w/ more opportunities to combine creation are and community reaching.


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