April 17, 2008

Willow Creek and REVEAL

Posted in better disciples, more disciples, servant-leader at 10:17 PM by alexlozada

In October 2007 my teammate Ethan Magness and I attended a regional REVEAL seminar led by Willow Creek Community Church Executive Pastor Greg Hawkins. Because Willow’s approach to the interaction between church and culture influences Mountain, I’m interested in their possible substantive focus / method shift (or re-evaluatation).

Leadership Journal’s Out of Ur’s blog compiles helpful background on Willow’s REVEAL study with the latest update from Greg Hawkins @ the SHIFT conference.

While I’m thankful for Willow’s willingness to engage not-yet-believers w/ the gospel and the vast array of worthwhile resources that have come directly or indirectly from them (for example Lee Strobel’s works explaining and defending the historicity of Christianity) – I tend to take any “latest authority” w/ a grain (or more) of salt 🙂

On the details of the blog post, Mountain’s services have probably already had more “deep worship music… prayer, Scripture readings, and more challenging teaching from the Bible” than congregations that follow Willow’s template for “seeker-oriented” services. The article’s attention-getter for me is emphasis on “theological and bible classes full of ‘hard-hitting stuff'” I need to work on giving small group leaders more tools (pre-written studies AND Bible understanding) to lead their groups into “hard-hitting stuff.”


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