April 21, 2008

staying sharp: Seminar in Christian Leadership

Posted in better disciples, servant-leader at 1:28 PM by alexlozada

On May 15-17, John Wasem, from Emmanuel School of Religion (alma mater of several on the MCC staff), will lead a Seminar in Christian leadership.  That’s a particularly chaotic time in my schedule already, but I’m looking forward to learning from Dr. Wasem again – he taught the Church Planting seminar @ MCC back in January.  The class is designed for any staff or key volunteers who lead other leaders, but like the January seminar, it will be a good opportunity for me to nudge me back towards “scholarly” frame of mind.

Quite a few of my teammates are pursuing seminary or Bible college degrees, some trying to balance vocational ministry, family, and education, but one has just chosen to go “back to school” full-time.  When a friend blogged about part-time PhD programs in his discipline, it got me thinking about how hard it was for me to try to finish just one distance learning class while juggling everything else.  So until I can finish that all-but-thesis Master’s from long ago, I need to re-sharpen whenever I can.


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