May 1, 2008

relationships not organizations

Posted in better disciples, servant-leader at 9:28 PM by alexlozada

Mountain Christian’s executive pastor Rob Kastens and senior pastor Ben Cachiaras make staff meetings more than routine metrics and reports by directing us to gems like Henri Nouwen’s “Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry”.  Nouwen writes, “Community is not an organization; community is a way of living.” Because one of my titles @ Mountain Christian is Pastor of Adult Small Groups, I struggle w/ focusing too much on the structures and programs and metrics – the organization instead of the way of living.

One popular way to classify churches that have small groups is to divide them into “churches with small groups” (carrying a faintly negative connotation of small groups are a program among many) -v- “churches of small groups” (everyone should be in a group = you are not fully mature if youre’ not in a group, etc.)  While I appreciate those who passionately champion small groups, I’m also grateful for pastors like Kathy Guy who shift the emphasis from organization (small groups program) to way of living.

I hope I’m always modeling the priority of relationship over organization – and influencing the coaches and group leaders whom I shepherd in that direction, too.


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  1. dereksweatman said,

    HEY ALEX! Great BLOG…I’ll be back to read often.

    Derek Sweatman

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