June 13, 2008

Mission trip Mae Sod Oct 28- Nov 12

Posted in cross cultural mission at 12:15 PM by alexlozada

I’m excited that plans are at finally moving forward for MCC’s short term mission trip to Thailand this  Oct – Nov.  We’ll depart Tue, Oct 28 and via Chicago & Tokyo to Bangkok, because of the time change and 23+hrs of flight time arriving in the wee hours of Thur morning Oct 30.  After spending some recuperation time @  Bangkok Chr Guest House, we’ll drive to Mae Sod in Thailand’s far western Tak province, along the Moei River.

We’ll work alongside MCC-supported missionary Somchai Panya to interact w/ the young people @ two orphanage-schools (k-4gr & 5gr-9gr) in conversational English and vacation-Bible-school-style  children’s ministry .  Spirit-willing (and government permitting), our team will also serve @ the Mae La refugee camp,  one of several settlements for Burmese of the Karen people.  We’ll continue helping children, as well as using Community Health Evangelism and distributing simple medical supplies.  Some on our team will seek to make long-term impact through leadership training for area pastors in counseling for children & families, and in church health & growth through small groups – hmmm, wonder who wants to teach that 🙂

We’ll return to Bangkok via Bangsai and the opportunity to experience more of Thai history & culture.  After some debrief & relax time in Bangkok, we’ll fly home arriving back in Maryland on Wed, Nov 12.  There’s still a little time to contact me if you’re interested in going, as well as the possibility that MCC will return in the coming years.


  1. asiabible said,

    I expect but also pray your trip will be a real blessing to you, we learned so much from our month in the Mae La camp, the depth of the faith of the Karen Christians is just so inspiring! The kids will love the fun together, and everyone will be encouraged to know that the world has not (totally) forgotten them.

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