June 14, 2008

2nd Saturday Serve Day & Love NYC Day

Posted in more disciples, NYC at 6:23 PM by alexlozada

I sweat hard @ 2nd Saturday Serve Day, but it was good sweat – helped a bunch of MCC-ers and folks from the Edgewood community as we cleaned up an area in Edgewood that had been a susceptible to crime.  The sociology part comes in part from the “Broken Windows” theory of crime prevention of tackling little problems as a step in solving big problems, famously implemented by NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani.  The better disciples comes in part from Jesus famous words on salt and light.  If your MCC small group is looking for a way to serve more and better, here’s more info about the next one, July 12.

Speaking of NYC and of serving – last year I blogged about Love NYC Day, but because of a family emergency I wasn’t able to go.  MCC is planning to participate again this year, and Spirit-willing, I’ll be part of that group! The date is Saturday, August 2.  Men, if you’ve already made plans to attend the “Party Like a Man” event – follow through on that.  Otherwise, everyone can check these highlights from an email by Forefront’s lead pastor Brian Moll about Love NYC Day.


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