June 24, 2008

Yet Another Way to Study in Groups: “Storying”

Posted in better disciples at 11:34 AM by alexlozada

Mountain Christian’s small groups span the spectrum of methods for the intentional study time of group gatherings: traditional teacher presenting content w/ some q&a (Bible school); facilitator-guided discussion (Serendipity  Bible style – what my Wed 6a men’s group uses); DVD teaching from “big-name” speaker w/ workbooks; book-club-style reading through a popular Christian devotional; etc.

In yet another example of the old becoming new, missionaries have long recognized that cultures communicate differently – with some especially emphasizing oral story-telling: combining story w/ poetry, music, role play, object lesson, and even motions to make narratives more memorable.  Western culture, the US being a prime example, has long been considered a “literate culture” emphasizing the written word, and beyond that – a linear, outline style (Powerpoints ad infinitum anyone?)

Mountain’s current message series “Around the Word in 80 Days” opened w/ a storying / orality style introduction to Genesis by Ethan M.  With Ben C & Rob K’s prompting, I’m laying groundwork for exploring storying as a small group study method for interested MCC small group leaders.  Here are some websites to check if you’re curious:






  1. […] my host MCC lead pastor Ben Cachiaras).  Bruce’s influence led Ben to prompt me to explore storying as teaching method for MCC small […]

  2. […] MCC groups use a variety of methods during the discussion-learning-study time,  here’s a practical article, Using Parables, teaching like Jesus by telling […]

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