July 2, 2008

NACC-08 Dangerous Group resources p2 links

Posted in NACC, servant-leader, tech at 11:06 AM by alexlozada

a few equipping sites

NACC 08 presenter Michael Mack’s smallgroups.com and Christianity Today’s small groups ministry section are good places to start.

languageofbelonging.com by Joseph Myers, author of 2 of the workshop recommended books.

Willow Creek Association’s group life site including the REVEAL finding Jon mentioned

Aptly titled whydidntyouwarnme.com by Pat Sikora, author of a book from Standard’s series on small group ministry, which includes Dan Lentz’s Let’s Get Started: How to Begin Your Small Groups Ministry. Dan is also director @ smallgroups.com

a few curriculum sites

Groupcurriculum.org Northpoint’s curriculum recommendations, but more than just their own material

Standard Publishing’s Life on Loan is a good church-wide campaign, and Faith Cafe captures some of the flavor of the popular Nooma series. Standard also offers the On Demand Bible Studies series by NACC 08 presenter Bob Russell, who also coauthors College Press’ 3:16 study on Titus with Rusty Russell.

UPDATE: pursuit.org, which generously sponsored our workshop, has some quality church-wide campaign material like the Why? Pursuing Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions series (used by Parkview & Mountain) and the hot off the press Deadly Viper: Character Assassins series, especially useful for men’s groups.

a few church databases

People Driven Software PDS (used by MCC) (web-based)

Others: Nspire (formerly used by MCC)


fellowshiptech (web-based)

CCB (web-based)

a few web communication resources

Facebook web 2.0 social networking for two-way communication w/ many people simultaneously

Google documents free resource to share Excel-compatible spreadsheets for record keeping


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  1. Pat Sikora said,

    Hey, thanks for the notice. You’ve listed some interesting resources.


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