July 7, 2008

Short Term Mission: Love NYC Day – Aug 2

Posted in better disciples, cross cultural mission, men, more disciples, NYC at 11:05 AM by alexlozada

poster for Love NYC Day Aug 2008

poster for Love NYC Day Aug 2008

Check out details about the short term (1 day!) mission trip to the Big Apple in this matt-berry-info-email. If you’re interested, post a comment here on the blog, or email me.

Because we’ll be serving-reaching NYC folks by “small acts of kindness [that] can nudge [people] closer to God, often in a profound way as it bypasses [their] usual defenses” – wear comfortable shoes and clothing to deal w/ the sweltering sidewalks of Manhattan in August 🙂 With that in mind, this trip is better suited for mature students and adults.

If you ride in my minivan – transport is free 🙂 If the Spirit blesses us w/ more volunteers, we’ll carpool. As short term missionaries, I’m asking you to give $50 to cover Forefront Church‘s costs for the day (materials, give-aways, etc.) , but if money is a problem – let me know so we can explore options. My tentative plan is to depart MCC 7a and return by 11p.

If you are already planning on attending “Party Like A Man” – MCC’s men’s ministry celebration wrapping up the monthly Sat AM breakfast study of Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength – by all means follow through with that!



  1. […] of us from MCC participated in Love NYC Day.  My strongest memory from the day is the feeling of powerlessness-frustration I felt when we ran […]

  2. […] are some past posts about MCC trips to NYC: reflection on 2008 one-day trip, prep for 2008 trip, the 2007 day-trip I planned to go but […]

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