July 9, 2008

Dangerously Transforming the World

Posted in cross cultural mission, NACC at 12:55 PM by alexlozada

At last week’s North American Chr Conv, Wed PM speaker Ajai Lall (preached @ MCC in the past ) spoke passionately about the our “Dangerous Call”, especially highlighting our brothers & sisters around the world suffering persecution. And then last Sunday in our Cook Auditorium venue, Rob Kastens (who will be making a Short Term Mission trip to work alongside Central India Chr Mission later this year) prayed for those around the world who don’t have the same freedom to worship that we Americans have prized since July 4, 1776.

This spring Mountain committed to Transform the World – and we’re doing it w/ prayers, dollars, and people: Short Term Missions for adults and students (Dominican Republic July 18-26) AND Mountain folks going long-term like Sandy & Valerie Lamm. MCC’s partnership in the Dominican Republic takes another step forward because they answered the Spirit’s “dangerous call.”


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  1. […] Posted in cross cultural missions at 11:45 pm by alexlozada MCC’s executive pastor Rob Kastens just returned from a Short Term Mission trip to India with Central India Christian Mission.  At MCC this Sunday as part of the closing message in the One Month to Live series “Leave Boldly!”, Rob shared a testimony about a faithfully bold Indian evangelist and his wife that I first heard during this year’s North American Christian Convention from Ajai Lall. […]

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