July 18, 2008

I have enough!

Posted in better disciples, the Northeast at 11:30 PM by alexlozada

Liz Ross invited me to speak Thursday night at Indian Lake Christian Service Camp for Junior II week. Even from just a few hours there that night, I could see how much she & her staff are loving those kids, and how much fun everyone is having – the best bunk / skunk bunk videos are YouTube worthy 🙂

Their theme is Mythbusters: Jesus busts myths that you cannot get to God. Liz gave me the theme “Jesus busts the myth that you need to get more stuff” (Matthew 6:18-24). I followed the guidelines Rod Ross (Liz’s hubby and partner in kid-focused large group creativity!) gave for re-telling the Bible story and focusing on 4th-6th grade suitable application. The catch phrase for the kids was “I have enough” and we can show we have enough by saying thank you for our stuff, by not whining for more stuff, and by sharing our stuff.

To prep me to speak, Rod included Helpful suggestions for preparing a message for kids. Even when communicating to adults (small group leader, etc.) the points on “Be Passionate – Be genuinely excited and passionate about what you say, have a sense of urgency about all your words. If you do not feel passionate about the message, then find something new to say.” AND “Stories, Stories, Stories – The simplest attention spiker in the world are these 6 words “let me tell you a story.” Tell personal stories that relate to the topic.


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  1. obiroddy said,

    thanks for the kind words Alex, we really appreciate all you did, “enough” was such an important message, for us all. ( nothing copywritable in the document )

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