July 20, 2008

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Posted in better disciples, culture, more disciples at 10:56 PM by alexlozada

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

Though they were prominent journalists from contrasting political backgrounds, Tony Snow and Tim Russert were both men who strove to be better disciples in the glaring spotlight of the public square.

Tony Snow’s Christianity Today article on “Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings” is especially meaningful as MCC folks hear daily of new prayer requests for those fighting cancer, and our church prepares for a fall alignment entitled “One Month to Live.”

Howard Finemans’s reflection on colleague Tim Russert’s faith captures how being a better disciple can lead to making more disciples (long transcript, search for word “Jewish”)

I’m not Catholic, I’m Jewish, but I’ll tell you, if I ever thought about being Catholic, Tim would be the best advertisement for that faith that there is…. He would have been a great fisherman for his faith. He used the analogy on purpose. Obviously, his faith animated him in a way that people outside the city didn’t necessarily understand. We talked about Buffalo. We talked about his family. We talked about his love of journalism. But in whatever way he expressed it, he was a very deeply devout Catholic…. But I think the faith that he must have learned up in Buffalo from his parents that he grew up in, in that Catholic community in Buffalo, meant everything to him and helped guide and focus him and keep him grounded in this city, where way too many people pursue false gods. And Tim was the kind of guy who never pursued false gods. He pursued the real one.


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  1. wow.

    Thanks for directing me to this. This helped me gain new sympathy for both of these men. (Although I needed more help for one than the other. You can guess who.)



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