September 28, 2008

blogging w/ One Month to Live

Posted in better disciples at 11:55 PM by alexlozada

We started a new church-wide campaign yesterday with the title One Month to Live, pioneered by Kerry Shook of Fellowship of the Woodlands, and built around answering the question “If you knew you only had one month to live, what would you do to make what’s left of your life really matter?”

A great MCC team of staff and volunteers has worked long and hard the last couple of months to get ready for the church-wide challenge, so part of the reason I’ve not blogged the last couple of months is because of I’ve been writing, editing, equipping small group leaders & coaches, and other prep.  Also, trying to make headway for a Short Term Mission trip to Thailand,

Related to that is trying to genuinely live up to some of the tough answers to the “what would you do AND not do if you had only one month left.”  One of those answers meant not blogging if I couldn’t put the time into it the way I’d like to – especially with both One Month and mission trip prep undone.  But thanks to some great teammates, I have a little bit more time and energy to resume blogging 🙂


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