October 26, 2008

India and mountain tops

Posted in better disciples, cross cultural mission at 11:45 PM by alexlozada

MCC’s executive pastor Rob Kastens just returned from a Short Term Mission trip to India with Central India Christian Mission.  At MCC this Sunday as part of the closing message in the One Month to Live series “Leave Boldly!”, Rob shared a testimony about a faithfully bold Indian evangelist and his wife that I first heard during this year’s North American Christian Convention from Ajai Lall.

Rob also sent back emails during his trip, describing the Christians he was meeting, and how the Spirit was sustaining them through persecution and trouble.  The highlights are amazing to read by email or hear from him in person, but I’ll choose only one that serves as a call to every Jesus follower to be missional and re-energized me for my team’s upcoming Thailand trip.

[Rob asking Ajai; Indu is Ajai’s wife]

“I asked Ajai what it was like to speak to 100,000 people last Feb. and to see almost 15,000 decisions for Christ. He said it was amazing and for the 100th year of this gathering this year they are expecting even more and they have invited him back which is unusual to have a repeat speaker at this event. He had also been invited to speak at a leper colony for a couple of days after the conference that Ind’s parents had ministered to all her life. Ajai didn’t want to because he knew he’d be tired and coming off a mountain top experience. But he begrudgingly said yes. As the worship service and his sermon concluded (which was just okay he said), they collected an offering (from a leper colony) for a church plant in a neighboring village. Their tradition is to bring offerings to the front instead of passing a plate. In a cracking voice, Ajai said God grabbed a hold of him as a woman who was blind from leprosy, and who had lost her nose and all her fingers and thumbs from her hands made her way to the front she was clutching a $100 rupees bill between her stumps. Most assuredly this was all she had that she was giving to God and church planting. Ajai said, God asked him if he were giving his all for the kingdom. Ajai said he did have a mountain top experience that week but it wasn’t speaking to 100,000 with 15,000 decisions, it was what God did in him when he spoke to the 50 lepers and watched this woman give her all. “


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