October 30, 2008


Posted in better disciples, cross cultural mission at 1:52 PM by alexlozada

Bangkok is a city of crazy busy intersections – particularly mid-day as we drove to pick up Burmese language Bible from the Thai Bible Society.  Our mission team dinner at MK Restauarant created some marvelous people intersections, too.  Though the food was both out of the ordinary and extraordinary (which also describes Tom Steck demonstrating his cullinary skills as he & Jim Boyle added the ingredients brought to our table for our do-it-yourself soup) the best part was spending time intersecting biological family w/ spiritual family and seeing how closely we shared the same Lord. I met my cousin Gail in person for the first time – I missed her on my previous trip becaue she was at a training Youth for Christ conference.  Uncle Jimmy (my mom’s youngest brother) talked about his next medical missions trip w/Couples for Christ.

When I logged on to record our team’s ongoing adventures, my cousin Ian reminded me that my Uncle Gil (my dad’s brother) is en route back from India & Pakistan where he was leading a medical missions trip for Bring Good News.  And our team is bringing well-digging equipment and sharing Community Health Evangelism lessons with Burmese refugees — all of these missions intersecting and overlapping in one crazy, busy evening.



  1. What a wonderful reunion. I jealous of the Thai food. Eat some Tom Yom for me.


  2. becky said,

    hi, alex! that is so exciting, and kinda scary, to be there visiting your family now!! i have some friends in bangkok teaching english and other things there for a year! have fun, and be safe!

  3. brent d'altilio said,

    alex. you may not remember me. my name is brent d’altilio. my family and i attended east northport cc years ago. i wanted to let you know how much i appreciate the ministry you did. you may not have seen the fruit of your labor then, but while i was in high school the seeds that were planted in my life sprung to life, and in my entire family. my wife and i are graduating from Johnson Bible College soon, and we have a beautiful daughter who will be turning one on sunday. i am a music minister at a church right outside of knoxville now, and i owe my life to people like you who were willing to invest their time and share the power of Christ with me. I hope you and your family are all doing well. thank you again.

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