December 20, 2008

The Salvation Army, some students, and some servant-hearted adults

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I blogged last year about volunteering to ring the bell for the Salvation Army kettle at the Abingdon Wal-Mart.  I did a few shifts again this year, but the student ministry volunteers at Mountain Christian did even better.  Adult volunteers who spend hours and hours throughout the year role-modeling Christ-likeness took their student small groups to serve at the Salvation Army kettle (with parental permission of course).  As I dropped off my warmly-bundled sixth grader to join her friends, I gave thanks that some adults had found a simple but practical way to teach young people that Christmas isn’t about what you get, but what you give.

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  1. […] he’ll help Denver but it turns out the other way around.”  Some MCC members and small groups have been serving “people kicked to the curb of life” for a while. Kristal recommended […]

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