January 31, 2009

Narnia in Philadelphia

Posted in culture at 11:32 PM by alexlozada

My family had a fun day in Philadelphia with my sister Milen’s family, eating at Reading Terminal Market and seeing the Narnia exhibit at the Franklin Institute.   My girls will probably remember romping with their cousins even more than the traveling exhibit, though the imaginative gift of C. S. Lewis’ fictional world will come in a closer second than some other museum visits.

Though we thoroughly enjoyed walking through larger-than-life-size wardrobe doors into the falling snow (artificial, alas!) of “always winter, never Christmas” that first greeted the Pevensie children – my sister did express regret that they did not have the one prop from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie set in which she was most interested.  She’s wondered what symbol decorated Edmund’s throne in Cair Paraval, since his siblings had carvings of their gifts from Father Christmas on their thrones, and Edmund missed the Father Christmas scene because of his own poor choices.  I didn’t have a guess then, but thought about it the rest of the night – my guesses are either the stone table or Aslan himself – if you want to know my reasons, email me 🙂

Siblings and cousins enjoying each other, stone giants, and sword-wielding Centaurs – a little bit of Narnia come to life.

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  1. becky said,

    that is so exciting, guys! wow! i would love to have seen that!
    and i agree with your guess on edmund’s throne… very cool. 🙂
    hope you all are doing well! give your family hugs all around for me!

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