February 18, 2009

Washington and Lincoln

Posted in history at 7:08 PM by alexlozada

One of my daughters said to me Sunday that we should have a holiday for every President’s birthday – I replied that not every President is as well-liked as Washington  & Lincoln.  I’m guessing her sudden desire to celebrate our country’s leaders had more to do with a day off from school than the influence of overhearing citations of 1 Timothy 2:1-2 or 1 Peter 2:13-17 in inauguration coverage.

She knows that Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president for several reasons, and not only because we share initials 🙂  C-Span released another survey of historians rankings of US Presdents (cached html version here) with Lincoln again in the top spot and George Washington “moving up” to number two (ahhh – the joys of ranking presidents like NCAA sports teams).  My favorite assessment of Lincoln and Washington comes from a long ago American Heritage article by Clinton Rossiter that compares and contrasts the two.   He concludes by emphasizing their similarity, “Each had principles in which he believed with something akin to childlike faith, but the principles were never permitted to harden into dogmas that might obstruct the hard choices that had to be made.”



  1. aswewalk said,

    Alex, a friend of mine who impersonates Lincoln is doing a presentation for our homeschool group on Wed. 3/18 at 1:30 at Fork Christian Church. You’re more than welcome to scoot in for a half hour or so. He travels all over the area, especially at Presidents’ Day time.


  2. alexlozada said,

    Thanks for the info! It’s on my calendar, though I do have a mtg that my overlap. One of the elders @ the congregation I did my internship also did Lincoln performances, though I never did get to see him in action.

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