February 27, 2009

book notes

Posted in culture at 9:04 PM by alexlozada

Our staff has begun sharing book recommendations during our biweekly staff meetings.  A few weeks ago, Kristal Dove recommended Same Kind of Different as Me, the true story of homeless Louisiana sharecropper Denver Moore and upscale art dealer Ron Hall, whose lives connect because Ron’s wife Debbie has a heart for people.  Kristal said. “because Denver is the homeless one, Ron assumes he’ll help Denver but it turns out the other way around.”  Some MCC members and small groups have been serving “people kicked to the curb of life” for a while. Kristal recommended this book for those who need a reminder on the transformation that comes from serving.

This week, Ethan Magness recommended Prodigal God by Tim Keller, lead pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  It’s a re-examination of the story from Luke 15:11-32 of the younger son who runs away from the father and returns, and the older son whose physical body stays home but whose heart is far away.   Ethan recommends this book, especially for those who have been part of the church but have lost (or never had) their hunger for God.



  1. dmbaldwin said,

    Hey Alex,
    Thanks for the book report. That’s something we need to work on @ LifePoint.
    Hope you have a great day of worship tomorrow.


    Dave Baldwin

  2. alexlozada said,

    Thanks Dave, May the Spirit be present w/ you in worship today also!

  3. […] book my teammate Kristal recommended  Same Kind of Different As Me also touches on reaching outside your racial comfort […]

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