March 4, 2009

Preparing for Easter – Lenten resources

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Though the traditions associated with the season of Lent do not have clear New Testament equivalents, MCC uses the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter to encourage people to prepare their hearts for remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection.  For those who like on-line resources, has a Lenten reading planthat leads you through the four Gospels.  Eric Olson, one of my MCC teammates, passed along an Oswald Chambers quote from the March 4 reading from My Utmost for His Highest, which inspired me to look for a website that would send a daily email with the Chambers reading for a day. I’ve NOT used this email service for myself because I was already on the BibleGateway reading plan, but these two are only the “tip of the iceberg.”

If you have a Lenten or on-line daily Bible-prayer-meditation resource that might be helpful, put it in a comment to this post. If you lead a small group, consider using this season as a time to encourage your group members to go beyond merely “giving something up for Lent,” but adding something, too.



  1. You might be interested in the Lenten resource that we produced this year. It is not exactly a daily guide but is intended for people to use as a Lenten discipline

  2. alexlozada said,

    Thanks Christine, I was fascinated to read about your YWAM background as a doctor on a “mercy ship.” I like the challenge of your post

  3. dmbaldwin said,

    Hey Alex,
    A group of us are posting a blog on WordPress — sixty-six books in a year — that takes one through the Bible in a year. In the daily readings we take verses that hit us and post a thought about it. We use the S.O.A.P. method. It has been rewarding.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. alexlozada said,

    Thanks Dave! I looked up the S.O.A.P. acronym so I could post a link explaining it to readers for whom it is unfamiliar. S = Scripture (read the Bible verses) O = Observe (how would I explain the verses if I was teaching it to someone else?) A = Apply (What do I need to do because of these verses?) P = Pray (for understanding of how to use these verses) Here’s a pdf file w/ more detailed explanation and sample:

  5. dmbaldwin said,

    You are so good Alex. I should have explained it a bit more. We watched a Wayne Cordero DVD that explained the whole process. It was excellent.
    Have a GREAT day.

  6. […] to a Lenten prayer & Bible reading resource for groups (version for individuals , too). My post from last year (including comments from other bloggers) has more on-line resources for the […]

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