March 17, 2009

Bible background resources on-line & personal

Posted in better disciples, servant-leader, tech at 10:38 PM by alexlozada

During last Sunday’s small group leader orientation, a new leader had a question about resources for finding out more about the cultural background that helps us better understand Bible details that may seem foreign to 21st century Americans. I mentioned there are some on-line resources that could supplement the resources he already had. He diligently followed up by emailing me today, and I cut-pasted this from my reply to him:

“The IVP commentary here is good, possibly be similar to the Bible Teacher’s commentary you have already. has several online commentaries. Some of these are not print published books, but collections of teaching-preaching notes, for example David Guzik’s and Chuck Smith’s.

This website has so much material that it can be overwhelming, but if you browse around and want my opinion on particular resources you find here, you can email me about particular authors – some I like, some not so much.

AND Ethan Magness & I are always available by email for questions.”

That last sentence about Ethan and I connects to an important point I try to communicate to small group leaders, coaches, and everyday members @ MCC.  Even w/ the advent of the Internet, and before that ready availability of Christian books through local Christians bookstores and mail-order – the most important resources for becoming a better disciple (not simply a book expert) is not any website, commentary, handbook, radio program, etc. BUT instead experienced Christians w/ whom you can interact.   The best way to know the Bible is to find someone you can ask hard questions AND IN TURN will ask you hard questions about the ways you are putting into practice what you learn.


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