March 26, 2009

Walk Across the Room goes Beyond the Walls

Posted in Beyond, more disciples at 12:35 PM by alexlozada

MCC’s two most recent message series overlap in the results of this post from Ed Stetzer of LifeWay Research team. He writes about a recent 15k person survey whose key findings included:

  • “ways most willing to receive information about a local congregation”
    • 63% personal conversation w/ a family member
    • 56% personal conversation w/ a friend or neighbor from the church
  • “times you have been more open to consider matters of faith
    • 47% Christmas holiday season
    • 38% Easter holiday season
    • 38% after major national crisis such as 9/11

If people-Jesus-misses are most open to a Christian family/friend/neighbor during holiday season or national crisis, I better “walk across the room” before Apr 12.


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  1. […] one of the most uplifting joys of the year.  For the people-Jesus-misses-the-most, this might be one of the only times they are open to spiritual influence during the year.  This means event prep is so […]

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