March 28, 2009

MCC Message Boards go Beyond the Walls

Posted in better disciples, Beyond, more disciples, tech at 2:14 PM by alexlozada

MCC is introducing a new tool in our mission to be like the church of Acts 4:34-37 and Acts 6:1-7, experimenting with ways “beyond the norm” to care and reach. As congregations like McLean Bible Church have blazed the trail, MCC is starting online message boards to provide space things like: networking for job applicants & openings, business listings, housing, etc. It’s an online site to post, “I need this, can anyone help me out?” AND “Here’s something I can give” – whether it’s free, for sale, or a way you can serve someone else.

This is NOT meant to compete w/ Craigslist, freecycle, local newspaper classifieds, Facebook, etc. but MCC does want to connect BEYOND what we’re able to do in our small groups and, ultimately, reaching BEYOND the walls of our church building.

ANYONE w/ internet access can browse the message boards, but you must register to be able to post messages. Both Mountain members and non-Mountain attenders will be able to register on the site. (This is a DIFFERENT registration than signing up for events elsewhere on the MCC website, but you can choose to register w/ the same username and password if that’s easier to remember). Use the care and wisdom you would use with any site on the internet.

This could also become a way for small groups & ministry teams at MCC to connect w/ others about events, needs, opportunities – especially as MCC continues to grow numerically & geographically. This is a tool we can use to care for own and also a resource to “walk across the room” and take Jesus’ mission “beyond the walls.”


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