April 10, 2009

It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming

Posted in better disciples at 11:00 PM by alexlozada

My family participated in MCC’s Good Friday Experience – thanks to all the people who worked to provide this blessing! The theme his year was “Present at the Cross”, and both the greeter and the hostess emphasized that we can be physically present in body, but not genuinely present in heart and mind.  I tried to leave behind the workday, but wrestled with the pull to observe & critique, instead of walk alongside & experience.  The a cappella music differentiated this year’s Experience from MCC’s previous events – it helped me focus because I enjoy that style.  As in years past: the dimly lit New Life Center; Communion celebrated w/ unleavened bread dipped in one cup; the re-creation of the Garden of Gethsemane; the stark B&W drawings of Jesus at the traditional stations of the cross; ending w/ low-key worship choruses to slides of the crucifixion – altogether a moving evening.

My family lingered afterwards to visit w/ friends, and then helped w/ tearing down the set & props from the Good Friday experience to get the New Life Center ready for others who will complete the prep (chair setup @ 9a Saturday AM for anyone wanting to help!) for 6 weekend services later Saturday and Sunday.  The contrast between the somber, reflective mood of the Good Friday Experience and the joyful serving together afterward reminded me of this video:


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