May 31, 2009

Message resources “Wii – games people play” May 24

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I’m late writing the small group study guide – my apology especially to Sunday PM groups that rely on using it.  Also, here are additional message notes from this morning.

MCC senior pastor Ben Cachiaras mentioned the song “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns. Lyrics and background info about the song here, plus video:


May 30, 2009

Up close and in person at Global Outreach Open House

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Coming to MCC’s Global Outreach Open House two different times throughout the day reminded me yet again of the effectiveness of in-person connecting.  When I was there in the morning, MCC member Jon M chatted – informal, unplanned – about his four-month experience hosting a Milligan College intern and his  Czech Republic 2007 short term mission trip.  Similarly, w/ Pat W, Kim D, and (a another) Pat W, seeing them in person led us to catch up on projects like Adopt-An-MCC-Missionary and the MCC message boards – informal, unplanned conversations helped us reconnect better than email or phone could have.  When Heather and I stopped by later in the day, as she was browsing the displays, she noticed the November 19-22 trip to Grundy Mountain Mission School, and began thinking about the possibility of bringing her student ministries girls small group – another example of the Spirit using an in-person encounter to accomplish a task or grow a relationship.

May 29, 2009

God of This City NYC 09 – two month countdown

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I’ll be periodically blogging the next couple of months about a MCC short term mission team that will go to NYC Thursday 30 July – Monday 3 August to help six different churches and ministries:

Indian church planter C.T. Abraham and family

Indian church planter C.T. Abraham and family

Here are some past posts about MCC trips to NYC: reflection on 2008 one-day trip, prep for 2008 trip, the 2007 day-trip I planned to go but missed.

Download the first draft promo flyer.

May 22, 2009

“wee ones” May 24 message resources UPDATED

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Adult small group study guide for MCC’s Children’s Ministry Sunday – the CM team will entertain & engage both young and old w/ the story of Joseph and what all of us can learn about forgiveness.  Teammate Ethan Magness reflected on on Rod Ross / Jenny Krichton’s retelling of the reconciliation moment captured in the Bible phrase “come closer.” My message notes are late but here, tech problems w/ aging Palm TX and back-up phone (daughter’s old one, mine got wet last month during Baptism Splash Sunday 26 Apr.

May 14, 2009

“we.Harmony” May 17 message resources

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Final draft of message guide here. I’ll be serving w/ my men’s small group (led by Steve Adams, meeting Wed 6a) @ North Shore Christian Church,  an MCC-supported church plant. 7 men from our group (plus 2 teens) will be installing a drop ceiling, painting, etc. and I’ll be speaking Sunday AM.  I’ll try to download the mp3 audio of the message once its posted Sunday evening, then listen and jot down message notes to post here later.

May 13, 2009

MCC-Milligan interns in NYC

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Adam Proffitt, Chase Boyer, Andrew Davis, Andrew Duggins, JD Larson

Last Thur 7 May – Fri 8 May, I took 5 Milligan College students who were finishing their MCC internships to NYC for a whirlwind visit.  Thursday afternoon, we did a little sightseeing.  Friday morning we met w/ church planters who graciously shared their time and wisdom, answering questions about ministry education and the importance of life experience in preparing for ministry.   Our thanks to Mark Reynolds from Redeemer Church Planting Center, and Brent Storms and Jared Witt from Orchard Group!

May 12, 2009

“We Are Family” May 10 message resources

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I apologize for the lateness of the study guide and message notes – busy and fruitful Thursday-Sunday last week, I hope to blog about the NY trip w/ MCC’s Milligan interns some time soon.  In the meanwhile, here’s a link to info from Christian songwriter Natalie Grant’s “Real Me” – the special music that followed the MCC message.

May 4, 2009

“Two Windows: Communion” May 3 message resources

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I was away from MCC this weekend and uploading late, but a final draft of the small group study guide is available here, and here are message notes I made while listening to an mp3 of the message.