May 30, 2009

Up close and in person at Global Outreach Open House

Posted in better disciples, cross cultural mission at 11:22 PM by alexlozada

Coming to MCC’s Global Outreach Open House two different times throughout the day reminded me yet again of the effectiveness of in-person connecting.  When I was there in the morning, MCC member Jon M chatted – informal, unplanned – about his four-month experience hosting a Milligan College intern and his  Czech Republic 2007 short term mission trip.  Similarly, w/ Pat W, Kim D, and (a another) Pat W, seeing them in person led us to catch up on projects like Adopt-An-MCC-Missionary and the MCC message boards – informal, unplanned conversations helped us reconnect better than email or phone could have.  When Heather and I stopped by later in the day, as she was browsing the displays, she noticed the November 19-22 trip to Grundy Mountain Mission School, and began thinking about the possibility of bringing her student ministries girls small group – another example of the Spirit using an in-person encounter to accomplish a task or grow a relationship.


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