June 21, 2009

Messages resources “Be Content when life stinks” June 21

Posted in MCC resources at 10:29 AM by alexlozada

MCC begins a new series Rebel WITH  a cause June 21 – July 12.  Study guide here and message notes uploaded later on Sunday (incomplete draft here, more to come).  Adapted from the series overview:

A Rebel WITH a cause is someone who doesn’t fit in – but he or she has reasons: a non-conformist on a mission.

Jesus was a rebel – WITH a cause.  So was the early Christian leader Paul. And if you are a disciple of Jesus, you are called to march to a different drummer. We are non-conformists who have our reasons.

Written from a jail cell, the book of Philippians is a Rebe’s Guide.  Digging into it will unearth the secrets to living a life of resistance so you can be a Rebel for God who now how to:

  • Be CONTENT when life Stinks
  • Find PEACE when life is Stressful
  • Size JOY when life is Sad
  • Cling to JESUS when life sucks you in

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