June 30, 2009

Hand crafted not mass produced

Posted in better disciples at 11:39 PM by alexlozada

Frank Chiapperino twittered this John Ortberg quote “Disciples cannot be mass produced, they have to be hand-crafted.” Interestingly, the quote linked to a software tool for customizing spiritual formation to each Christian’s personality, existing relationships, schedule, etc. – another example of the tension / balance between tech tools & ministry 🙂

Two conversations at this year’s North American Chr Convention in Louisville connected with the thread of “hand-crafted not mass produced.”  Eric R, a Cincinnati Chr University friend, is planting a church in Charlotte, NC. Though he joked about not knowing the buzz-words to describe it (organic, simple church, house church, intergenerational, relational) – I could sense his passion for a ministry calling that was a “good fit” for him, rather than a mass produced model of “this is how to ___”.

A few moments later, I talked with Shawn McMullen.  When I worked at CCU in the 1990s, Shawn was first my co-worker when he was campus minister, then my boss when he was Dean of Students.  Now, he’s editor of the Lookout, and director of Energizing Smaller Churches Network, author, and a minister at Milan Christian Church.  In the nearly twenty years that I’ve known him, Shawn continues to live out the concept of hand crafting disciples, whether Bible college students or ministers in the field.

I need constant reminders that small groups can become just another program to mass produce church goers, OR groups can nurture the meaningful relationships through which the Spirit hand-crafts better disciples.


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