July 26, 2009

Message resources “I Didn’t Know You Felt that Way” July 26

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Ben Cachiaras continues MCC’s summer message series from the Psalms w/ “I Didn’t Know You Felt that Way” from Psalm 8.  Here are the small group study guide and message notes.  As Ben read this morning, this is Psalm 8 from Eugene Peterson’s Bible paraphrase The Message (from Christopher Matthews in Bel Air or Christian Book Distributors online).


July 25, 2009

God of This City NYC 09 change

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Ministry = adapting to changes, sometimes last minute and beyond my control – hard lesson that I’m still learning 🙂 Because we didn’t have the response we’d hoped, we’re scaling back MCC’s short term mission trip to NYC to make it even shorter (Fri 31 July – Sat 1 Aug) – and less expensive. Details here. I regret missing the opportunity to work w/ Community Christian Church NYC & NYC Rescue Mission – but not my will but God’s will be done!

July 22, 2009

Rest stop needed

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MCC teammates Rob & Kelly Kastens recently spoke on living in the rhythms of God’s rest for our “We” message series (listen online or download the mp3 here). Kelly’s article “A Place of Quiet Rest” is part of the July 26, 2009 Christian Standard on “Soul Care.”

Have you found any true rest this summer?

Anne Jackson wrote an accompanying Christian Standard article “Mad Church Disease”, as well as this somewhat-related, thought provoking post on the potential idolatry of on-line “ministry” tech.  Ironically, I found Anne Jackson’s post via Catalyst Leader’s Twitter feed @CatalystLeader 🙂 and to double the irony supplement for the day, the Twitter account has been hacked 😦

July 19, 2009

Message Resources “The Way Things Work” July 19

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Mountain Christian Church starts a new series , “Tunes for the Road.”  In the book of Psalms, God has given us a vast collection of songs, something for every stretch of life’s journey. There’s music for the high times, sad melodies for the broken times, and songs that bring comfort. The downloads are free, so for the rest of the summer I’ll be posting resources on some of the essential Psalms that need to be on everybody’s playlist for life.

Here is the small group study guide for “The Way Things Work,” today’s message from Pastor for  Community Outreach, Luke Erickson.  These are the notes I jotted down while listening this morning.

July 17, 2009

MCC off the Big Screen

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A couple of months ago, Eugene Cho posted graciously-worded response to criticism leveled at megachurches.  He closes, “We all comprise the Body of Christ. I just want to make sure folks know that the Body is much more diverse that what we see on the Big Screen.”  He refers to his mentor (himself a megachurch pastor) pointing to small churches that don’t show up on the Big Screen of Christian conferences or bestseller lists.

“The Body is much more diverse that what we see on the Big Screen” also applies within a megachurch like Mountain.  Discipleship relationships in small groups don’t make the Big Screen.   Some events like next weekend’s How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth seminarby MCC Spiritual Formation Pastor and fellow blogger Ethan Magness only show up on the Big Screen as a quick announcement slide.   An event like Kids Games will probably have a 2-3 minutes video clip in Sunday service that shows only a tiny fraction of what happens when fun, caring Christian adults invest in young people’s lives.

So in this summer of blockbuster movies and preachers projected on to screens as big as the neighborhood multiplex, remember to look off the Big Screen and get involved in the Body.

July 12, 2009

Message resources “Cling to Jesus” July 12

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Mountain’s lead pastor Ben Cachiaras concluded our messages series Rebel With A Cause speaking on “Cling to Jesus when Life Sucks You In.” Small group study guide and message notes jotted down during the service.

Here’s a similar version (from Coast Hills Community Church) of the special song “Give Me Jesus” that followed the message:

July 10, 2009

God of This City NYC 09 less than 3 weeks away

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At last week’s North American Christian Convention, Heather & I met Jonathan Williams, part of the new Orchard Group church plant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Church of the Incarnation.  We enjoyed the fact that among the many people that were walking through the ministry display area, Jonathan remembered our time w/ him from church camp years ago fondly enough to approach us 🙂

We’re hoping to serve alongside COTI during this month’s MCC God of This City short term mission trip (revised flyer with more details) Thur 30 July – Mon 3 Aug, along with:

Community Christian Church – NYC

Westchester Indian Christian Church

NYC Rescue Mission

Forefront Church

July 5, 2009

Message Resources “Seize Joy When Life is Sad” July 5

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Luke Erickson, MCC’s Pastor for Community Impact, continued our message series on “Rebel With A Cause” – Philippians as a rebel’s guide to Seize Joy When Life Is Sad.  You can download a draft of small group study.  Here are the notes I took during the message.  MCC member Meredith Dew shared an uplifting video testimony about joy even during a sad time, the deployment of her husband to Iraq – I’ll try to get an upload or link of the video laster this week.