August 30, 2009

Message resources “Get ‘Em God” Aug 30 UPDATE

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My teammate Ethan Magness spoke on Psalm 137 – one of the imprecatory (asking for God’s wrath on the wicked) psalms – challenging topic which he handled with accuracy and grace. Here are the notes I jotted down during the message, and this is a draft of the small group study guide.

This link is a draft copy of video from today’s service.


August 24, 2009

Message Resources “What to do on Sunday” Aug 23

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On MCC’s first Sunday with new service times, Ben Cachiaras preached on Psalm 100.  Links for the small group study guide and message notes jotted down during all three services (!)

Here’s the “Mr Bean In Church” video clip shown as a humorous intro to the message. As always, any links to YouTube may have comments and content which others might find inappropriate.

August 17, 2009

Message resources “God: Why Bother” Aug 16

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Ben Cachiaras returned from family vacation in Minnesota to continue MCC summer message series “Tunes for the Road.” He spoke about Psalm 73 “God: Why Bother?”, his favorite psalm. Here is the small group study guide, and here are messages notes I jotted down during the service – we were back from family vacation, too!

August 9, 2009

Message resources “Country Music Psalm” Aug 9

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MCC’s Pastor for Community Outreach, Luke Erickson spoke on “The Country Music Psalm.” Here is the small group study guide, plus message notes I jotted down while listening to the mp3 from MCC’s website – I’m away on vacation but thanks to the media archives for MCC messages, I can stay connected.

August 5, 2009

God of this city NYC 09 – beyond words

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Six MCC people (Rocky R, Jonathan W, Michael M, Trina Mc, Heather & I) served w/ Church of the Incarnation, Forefront Church, and Westchester Indian Chr Ch in a quick NYC mission trip Friday 31 July – Saturday 1 Aug. Friday, we gave people flyers about COTI kids basketball camp – Trina & Heather had the most success w/ going to Columbus Av / Amsterdam Av merchants, asking to them to post a flyer in their stores. We gave away free granola bars in Madison Square Park – Trina & Heather had the most success again by the 23rd st & Broadway corner  🙂 though the whole team determinedly persevered through the pouring rain! The day ended w/ a little sight-seeing, late night SI ferry ride to see Statue of Liberty.Westchester Indian Chr Ch kids

Saturday morning, we worshipped with other Love NYC Day volunteers at Forefront’s Upper West Side campus.

Saturday afternoon, we helped WICC w/ their first children’s event. After a debriefing discussion during dinner, we drove back to MCC, arriving at about 2a Sunday morning (!) – a whirlwind two days, but worth every minute (even the parking ticket – sigh).WICC outdoor time

August 3, 2009

Message Resources “Feeling Sheepish” Aug 2 UPDATED

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MCC”s Student Ministries Pastor Matt Silver gave Sunday’s message, “Feeling Sheepish.” This is a draft of the small group study guide and these are quick notes taken during the message.  Matt mentioned that MCC members who are interested in volunteering to help minister to student can email Jenna Howell, director operations for MCC Student Ministries. This is the MCC Student Ministries portal page, and this is Matt’s blog. UPDATED video of Matt’s message