October 4, 2009

Celebration of Unity = Great Communion

Posted in history at 11:25 PM by alexlozada

Thank you to all who participated from the platform and all who attended a Restoration Movement Celebration of Unity (a/k/a Great Communion 200th anniversary of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address) @ Mountain Christian Church on Sunday afternoon 4 October!

Dr Peter Morgan, president emeritus of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, spoke on Thomas Campbell, the Declaration and Address, and the Restoration Movement.

Daryl Reed (lead minister of District of Columbia Regional Christian Church) led the communion meditation. Betsy Magness (my teammate @ MCC, on our worship staff) shared her personal testimony about choosing the Restoration Movement for its values, not having been “born” into the Movement.

Carlos Scott (DC Regional) and Eric Olson (another teammate @ MCC) led the combined worship.

MCC’s senior pastor, Ben Cachiaras, began the the service with a welcome. Lari Grubbs (Regional Minister, Disciple of Christ Capital Region) extended greetings from Disciples of Christ congregations. David Caldwell (representative of Disciple of Christ Historical Society) gave the invocation – text available here.


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