November 11, 2009

Remembering Heroes

Posted in better disciples at 6:22 AM by alexlozada

Today is Veteran’s Day, and I’m remembering a powerfully moving ESPN article from the week of the World Series about National Guardsman,  NYPD officer,  Yankee fan, and hero Deon Taylor. Veterans Day posterMy Maryland friends often tease me about obnoxious Yankee fans, but I think they’d agree that veteran Taylor would have been one they wouldn’t have minded sitting with at the new Yankee Stadium or Camden Yards. Sadly, we’ll never have that opportunity.

The article mentioned the Wounded Warrior Project. Though I don’t know the director of Christian Military Fellowship personally, I did attend Cincinnati Christian University with his son – this CMF (different from Christian Missionary Fellowship, one of the missions MCC supports directly). For a perspective on ministry from within the armed forces, Christian Standard’s Brady Dupray interviewed Colonel Gene “Chip” Fowler about his experiences and insights as a chaplain.

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