November 24, 2009

Persecuted Christians

Posted in cross cultural mission at 10:33 PM by alexlozada

One of my favorite bloggers, Seldom Wrong Never In Doubt, posts his comment on a Wall Street Journal article on the unregistered churches thriving in spite of religious persecution in China. During the holidays, I sometimes read emails from a Bible college friend from years gone by who is a (covert) missionary teaching  English as a foreign language in China. The militantly atheist Communist government allows Westerners to come to China to teach English because its the language of international commerce and technology. My friend even uses passages from the Bible as language translation exercises in the classroom, but for safety’s sake her emails must always “code” her references to the faith we share. I enjoy her brilliant creativity in finding ways to pass along prayer requests and praises in phrases that a Communist censor can’t decipher. When I’m tempted to take for granted not just the material blessing but the freedom to worship that American Christian enjoy, I try to remember my brothers and sisters in chains in China who have so much in common with the Pilgrims of the First Thanksgiving, and with the early Christians.


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