January 29, 2010

What’s The World Coming To: Ish – Repent from Lukewarm (message resources 31 Jan)

Posted in MCC resources at 11:23 PM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras opened MCC’s current message series last Sunday by emphasizing he feels compassion for people who are confused by Revelation and concern about misusing this book as the equivalent of a sensationalistic tabloid. As always, I welcome your questions through the blog comment feature, AND for readers from MCC (especially small group leaders) who would like to discuss aspects of Revelation – I’m very willing to meet in person.

For the rest of the series, I’ll try to finish a draft of the small group study guide in time to have a print version available at the MCC Mountain Rd campus for Sunday AM. I’ll try to post the personal notes I take as I’m listening to the message Sunday afternoon, along w/ links to the message audio (and video when available).


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  1. […] Posted in better disciples at 8:11 AM by alexlozada Because the snowstorm prevents MCC from meeting in our usual large group Sunday AM worship, this could be a good week for small groups to use Ben’s special video message and {coming soon] small group study guide to keep up with our current message series What’s The World Coming To? – a six week overview of themes from the book of Revelation. Check earlier blog posts for small group study guides for “Wow” January 24 and “Ish” January 31. […]

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