January 31, 2010

Tony Dungy “Higher Calling” moral authority that reaches out

Posted in better disciples, culture, more disciples at 8:51 PM by alexlozada

On a football season Sunday without a professional game (no, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count 🙂 ) an insightful ESPN article on Tony Dungy.  Coach Dungy balances

being a better disciple In the article Dr Harry Edwards says of him, “If you asked me, ‘Is there one person who you do not feel who would betray that trust?’ it would be Tony Dungy,” Edwards says. “And I’m a person who doesn’t believe there are any angels or saints down here. All the saints are dead, all the angels in heaven. Post-Tiger, at some level, we manage to blow it one way or another, but if there is one person, it would be him, and I’m so grateful and happy that he’s here.”

and reaching to make more disciples even and especially those that might seem far from God. “I always ask [the person he’s trying to reach] about religion because it gives me a direction of where they need to go,” he said. “If they say it’s something I’ve considered, then we can talk about it, because maybe there is a lesson the Lord may be trying to teach. If someone says religion isn’t really important in my life or they aren’t of the Christian faith, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop dealing with them. It just means I have to go about it in a different way.”

UPDATE: MCC Men’s ministry used Dungy’s Quiet Strength DVDmen’s group study materials for our Second Saturday Men’s Breakfast.  Coach Dungy will speak at the upcoming RED ZONE Men’s Conference on Saturday 17 April 2010.


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